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Sunjay International has been founded keeping in mind on the rising Cost of the Chemical Fertilizers & individual strain Microbial products. To cut down the Crop production costs, Sunjay International has come up with UNIQUE COMBINATON BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS which are currently need of the hour to reduce the cost of Cultivation & increase the yield percentage. The company has its Formulation facility and contract processing facility in Chennai, which helps us to supply the Unique Combination products at best prices to the world market.

All the products launched by us are environmental friendly and helps in providing a strong natural system for increasing the agriculture output. These agriculture Inputs helps in enhancing sustainable agricultural productivity for human welfare.

All our Microbial products are Free from preservatives, hence need very less time for reactivation in the Field level.

Sunjay International
No 32/15, S3, 2nd floor,
Rahul Nakshatra,
Annasalai, Vijayalakshmipuram,
Chennai - 600 053.
Phone : +91 98404 00320.
Mobile : +91 98408 99320
Email 1 : info@sunjaybio.com
Email 2 : sunjayinternational2008@gmail.com
Website : www.sunjaybio.com

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